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Latest Kmart Catalogue offers new fashion designs of its casual mens' and women's apparels. NOT to miss prices are available from the new catalogue !


Kmart Catalogue Easter Sale 2014 Gifts and Chocolates

Kmart’s last catalogue can be said to be divided into two parts; one with Easter chocolates, and other with general holiday Kmart Catalogue Easter Sale 2014 Gifts and Chocolatessupplements such as fishing rode, dvd movies, books, sleep wears, casual wearings and more. Varieties of the chocolate products are similar to the ones from the last year as you might remember. For example Dairy Milk and Humpty Dumpty are the typical examples of these chocolate brands.
Varieties of these are not surprisingly appeared here but the prices are of course amazing. The news is about prices at Kmart. In fact I need to say that Kmart catalogue is not the type that you would browse for chocolates and gifts. But special for Easter they reduced their prices and present them as online here:
* Cadbury egg cartons, $6 pg; 1
* Cadbury bumper bunny, $3.50
* Lindt gold bunny, $4.50
* Lindt Lindor sharing pack 200g, $10 pg; 3
* Lindt Lindor assorted sharing pack, $7
* Easter gift bag, $9
* Cadbury milk chocolate solid egg bag, $7
* Turkish delight eggs, $3
Kmart catalogue introduced Kinder chocolate on pg; 7 and other confectionery varieties on pg; 6. You can start searching for the toy sale from pg; 10. Reach new prices of sports products for kids such as sports shoes, scooters, bikes, basketball and more.
We will be focused on this catalogue

Editor’s Pick; Kmart Jackeroo Tents

See new price for Jackeroo Tent for 8 person "dome tent". See details on the page:
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