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Mostly toy products and school supplies for kids are available on this Kmart Catalogue. Check out the latest prices for the highest quality products of toys and general home supplements from Kmart.


Kmart Home Supplies Catalogue July 2014

Among the home improvement catalogues and accessories ranges, Kmart home supplies catalogue has an important place because of its low price range is not easy to find at another shops. This catalogue in fact has three important product exhibitions which are home supplies, kids entertainments and clothings. We begin with the home supplies like kitchen electrical appliances that are available on the pg; 4-5 which also offer online shopping for customers who are visitors in the official site.


Mixers, toasters, sandwich press and more products can be found on the Kmart Catalogue this week. You are able to enlarge your equipment in your kitchen and make many actions a lot more easier.
* Homemaker white blender, $25
* Homemaker 3 litre deep fryer, $30
* 5 Litre stainless steel slow cooker, $20


Homemaker produces every kind of accessories and essential electrical appliances for your daily life in your home. For cleaning, cooking, organizing, entertaining and more. You will find out lower prices of domestic home appliances on pg; 5:
* Stick vacuum, 2-in-1 hand, $59
* Pop up laundry hamper, $10
* Cross winged clothes airer, $25


Accessories for your electronics like computers and some office electronics including printers or scanners are sometimes having spaces on the Kmart Catalogues.
* D-Link wireless modem router, $59
* Portable hard drive, 1 TB, $99
* Wireless desktop, $19
* Canon PIXMA wireless inkjet all-in-one photo printer, $89

After this, kids and clothings range will be our subject. For now, we pass that and let you more involved with the home appliances with nice prices of Kmart.

Editor’s Pick; Kmart Jackeroo Tents

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