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Kmart Catalogue Home Sale 14 May 2015.


Kmart Quilt Covers Catalogue Prices 17 May 2015

Kmart Quilt Covers Catalogue prices 17 May are what you can get the best of bedroom at Kmart Stores.Kmart Quilt Covers Catalogue Prices 17 May 2015


Kmart Quilt covers catalogue prices are not the only thing you can find in this catalogue. Also see pillows, blankets, world-wide famous sheet sets and excellent prices of the Kmart for these high quality products. Kmart Catalogues are posted in this category. Also see full list of Kmart products on this catalogue which is available preview page.
Kmart is always one of the best places for saving in shopping of home products. Kmart Catalogue price for queen size sheet set is only $35 on pg; 10 and this is a very good example of the Kmart Home Sale. Homemaker products, kitchen ware, home appliances were also our focus in previous days. The catalogue prices are valid until 3rd June 2015 which means you got plenty of time to browse these and decide which to purchase to improve your comfort and style in your house.


A lot of bedroom products are on sale. It is not only quilts and pillows. Decorative accessories for your living room and walls can be alternatively interesting in this catalogue.
Homemaker fleece blanket $20 pg; 6
Teah Quilt cover set $22 pg; 7
Priya Quilt cover set $22
Plush queen bed flannelette sheet set $35 pg; 9
Plain plush flannette set $35
See images of these products as well.

Visit pg; 10-11 for the new blankets and quilts. The quilts are made of various products. There is also wool quilt. Pillows are also featured on these pages.
Homemaker soft comfort quilt $49 pg; 10
Winter Warmth quilt $55
Wool quilt Queen $70
Zoned electric blanket $54 pg; 11

This sale does not start on 17 May. It is already started. You can find these products at the moment. The post date is 17 May 2015.

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