Lego Friends and City Toys by Kmart

Kmart toy sale from September Catalogue has Lego Friends, City and Chima and Ninjago toys on pg; 8. Lego Friends is somewhat out of Lego Friendsthe general Lego toy concept, however, these are as much popular products as the other toys of Lego. Kmart’s unique prices given to these toys can be browsed on pg; 8-9.
Also Lalaloopsy dolls are included on pg; 8. Loopy hairy doll and Large Lalaloopsy dolls are priced $10 and $29 respectively. Cute dolls of Lalaloopsy are aiming to develop the imagination world of girls whose ages early yet. This new modern toy manufacture let kids expand their creative world and with this way develop their logic of processing in any kind of science topic. This is the reason why we call children of today as clever guys.
See the toy range on pg; 8 with Lego Friends:
* LEGO Friends Enna’s sports car, $19
* LEGO Friends dolphin cruiser, $79
* LEGO Friends hearthlake high, $59
Lego City toys are aiming to let children be aware of their surroundings and the world. In fact, this is the beginning of the new thinking way about these concepts and you can easily give them this “start” with Lego City Toys. Beside this is also the start of the consciousness to the world, nature and responsibility. On the other hand Lego also loves to entertain the kids with Lego Chima, Lego Ninjago and Lego Start Wars type of toys. Let’s have a look at the prices of these toys:
* Cargo Heliplane, $45
* Cargo Truck, $29
* Stunt Plane, $15
* 4×4 and Diving boat, $15
* Coast guard helicopter, $25
* Coast guard patrol, $69
* Legends of Chima constructable action figures, $15 ea
* Lennax’ lion attack, $25
* Eris’ eagle interceptor, $29
* Coles’ earth driller, $23
* Golden dragon, $37
* Temple of light, $74

Lego Friends and City Toys by Kmart
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